COR Meeting Reminder

The Central Office Representatives (COR’s) will meet as usual this coming Sunday, January 15 at 6 pm at the Pink Building (1119C Johnston Street (Behind Domino’s), Lafayette, LA).

The meeting Agenda is available on the COR Resources page.  This page has minutes of past meetings, as well as other useful information and links for COR’s.

Honoring Old-Timers

Members with 30+ years of sobriety took a special place at this year’s Central Office Christmas Party.  Attendees had a special opportunity to hear a dozen or so of these members share Experience, Strength & Hope.  A number of people at the party have not yet been alive as long as these “seasoned members” have been sober!

As one year ends, and another begins, we offer this listing (apologies for any errors!) of members of our fellowship in the Acadiana area who haven’t taken a drink since 1986 or before.

Click here to see the list: Continue reading Honoring Old-Timers

Alcoholics Anonymous® in the Acadiana area