ACO 12th Step Call List

one drunk talking to another

AA members are urged to sign up for 12th step calls!
Your service is needed.
It’s an excellent way to carry the message, sharing your experience, strength, and hope.

Volunteers are needed:

  • To field phone calls from people seeking help.  Please indicate times available as well as whether you can go on a 12th step call.
  • To provide rides to meetings in your town or community.


Availability for Phone Calls (check all that apply)
Weekday Calls (Mon-Fri: 8:30 am-5:30 pm)Weeknight Calls (Mon-Thu: 5:30 pm-8:30 am)Weekend Calls (Fri: 5:30 pm until Mon: 8:30 am)

Capabilities (check one)
Only Able to Talk on PhoneCan Also Make 12 Step Call

Willing to offer rides to meetings (check one)


Alcoholics Anonymous® in the Acadiana area