Sobriety Date Update

calendar-outlookAcadiana Central Office maintains a list of sobriety dates for individuals in the Acadiana Area.  This list is updated regularly, through the assistance of the Central Office Representatives (COR’s).  You can also update your own sobriety date or add your name to the list by using the form below.

Each month, the Central Office newsletter, the Plug-in-Jug, publishes a list of names (first name and last initial only), sobriety dates and lengths of sobriety for that month.  Join us in celebrating the centuries of continuous sobriety through the program of Alcoholics Anonymous!


Complete and submit the form below to update your sobriety date, or to add your name to the Central Office list, to be published in the Plug-in-Jug. Please claim only one 'Home Group', to avoid inflating membership numbers.

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