Atlanta International Recordings

aa international 2015 medallionFor those who were not able to attend, recordings are now available for sale online from the Convention.   The “Big Meetings” are the gatherings held of all in attendance (@60,000) in the Georgia Dome.  Of note is the Old Timers’ Big Meeting on Saturday night, when a dozen old-timers, chosen by lot from those registered, share experience, strength and hope for 5 minutes each.  (In order to quality as an ‘old-timer’ at International, one must have at least 50 years of sobriety.)  The numerous workshops are normally a 3 speaker format, each sharing their experience for about 20 minutes on the topic at hand. All meetings are professionally recorded.  Individual meetings are available by MP3 Download online or on audio CD.  Two packages of recordings are also available; the three Big Meetings or the entire Convention. :

2015 International A.A. Convention Recordings
(scroll down for a listing of individual sessions)

Annual Scott Group Gumbo

The Scott Group has set a date for its Annual Gumbo, the proceeds of which benefit Central Office.  Mark your calendar now for Saturday evening, November 14th, 2015 at the St. Jules Church Hall.  More details will follow.

And while you have your calendar in hand, plan to attend the 12 Step Workshop hosted by District 13E on October 24th, featuring Kenny D. of Seattle, Washington. More details here.

Also, the dates for the 2016 Fellowship of Spirit South conference have been set for April 8-10, here in Lafayette.  This will be the 10th anniversary gathering.  More details are here.  Registration and schedule info will follow at a later date.

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